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SEW-EURODRIVE employee loading a Pick-Up Box

What benefits do our " Pick-Up and Delivery Service " and "Pick-Up Box" off

Our Pick-Up and Delivery Service ensures your mechanical drive technology components are picked up and checked quickly. The Pick-Up Box makes the whole process even easier. All you need to do is specify the time and place for collection of the Pick-Up Box and subsequent delivery. Everything else is taken care of by the skilled service staff at SEW-EURODRIVE – from supplying the Pick-Up Box and arranging collection to taking care of shipping.

Your requirements

One central contact person
for necessary repairs and overhauls, even on drive components from other manufacturers.
Simple processing
due to centralized collection and needs-based pick-up and delivery of the drive components.
Lower logistical and administrative outlay
because all coordination work for shipping logistics is taken care of for you.
Improved availability of materials
thanks to reliable and punctual delivery.

Our services

Supplying a Pick-Up Box
Size: 120 × 80 × 79 cm, max. loading weight: 500 kg, Empty weight: 35 kg

Pick-up and delivery of drive components from all manufacturers

Commissioning of the necessary logistics company and creation of transportation documentation

Drive components packaged securely and safely on site for shipping and transportation

Demand-based transportation – on a case-by-case basis or at regular intervals, as a standard forwarding option or as an express order

On request: Disassembly and installation of drive components on site

The added value for you

No problems with spilling/leaking oils
Protection against environmental influences and bad weather conditions (e.g. in outdoor areas)
Fewer storage spaces needed, as the drive components of different manufacturers are collected together
Secure loading practices in accordance with section 412, paragraph 1 of the German Commercial Code and section 23 of the German road traffic regulations (sealable cover, load-securing belts and lashing eyelet)
Free on-site delivery of the Pick-Up Box Packing of box with mechanical drive technology components from both SEW‑EURODRIVE and other manufacturers Collection of Pick-Up Box and delivery of new, empty box at the same time. The pick-up can also be arranged at the touch of button – the Pick-Up Button Examination of the drive technology, repairs carried out after customer approval The repaired drive technology components are delivered on the agreed date

NEW Pick-Up Button

Ein Knopfdruck für minimalen Aufwand. In diesem Video zeigen wir Ihnen, wie unser Pick-Up Button funktioniert und wie unser Hol- und Bring Service Ihren Aufwand reduziert.

The Pick-Up Button now makes the whole process even easier and minimizes outlay – at the touch of a button

  • Provision of a Pick-Up Button
  • When the button is pushed, we take care of every aspect of the transportation logistics and all administration tasks
  • No need for integration into the local network (e.g. WLAN)
  • Rapid reaction times thanks to our sites across Germany