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Variant management

What benefits does our variant management service offer you?

Our variant management helps you search for products from all those you use from SEW-EURODRIVE. You can use a wide range of filter and comparison options to select your product from the database or search for alternative products. You can base your search for a product on numerous technical features such as motor power or output torque.

Your requirements

Cost savings
by avoiding new material numbers
Harmonizing and simplifying
all the master data by bringing together technically identical products
Reducing storage costs
by optimizing product variants
Efficient master data management
thanks to rapid comparison of product variants (identifying material number duplicates)
Avoiding additional drive variants at an early stage
by directly providing all the approved drive variants and technical data
Quick access
to SEW-EURODRIVE's technical drive specifications, product documentation and CAD models

Our services

Overview of the drive technology you use, including across multiple sites

Comprehensive consulting on selecting the right projects from preferred types

Assistance with product standardization in collaboration with the customer

Creation of feature-based import files to clean up master data records in the customer system

Training measures on using variant management

Customer meetings at your premises or via online consultation

Support for interface management

The added value for you

Transparency regarding drives used or inquired about
Reduced outlay for managing large material masters
Comprehensive filter options to search for the optimum existing drive to meet the technical requirements
Comparison options based on approximately 100 technical features for drive technology
Link between your item master and the complete technical drive specification, the product documentation and CAD models from SEW-EURODRIVE
Option to differentiate between drives according to variants preferred in the future
Quick selection of products within the range of defined preferred product types