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Repair Service Remanufacturing

Remanufactured gearmotors: productive and efficient

SEW-EURODRIVE remanufactured gearmotors are an optimal solution to ensure your product’s equivalent life. Gearmotors are remanufactured according to SEW-EURODRIVE’s high quality standards.

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We will ensure that you always have access to precisely the service that you need to safeguard your system availability:

Remanufacturing process

A manufacturing process that involves dismantling the gearmotor, examination, replacing defective and affected parts and final testing – returning gearmotor “like new”.

Your benefits


Environmentally friendly alternative

Not only recycling1, but also the reuse2 of components. Remanufacturing conserves raw-materials and energy. The energy consumption is reduced typically 50-85%.*

*(Lund 1984, Sundin & Lee 2011.)

1 Recycling = the gearmotor is utilized as a raw material.

2 Reuse = using the gearmotor or parts of it again for the same purpose for which it was originally designed.

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