CDM® Maintenance Management

Green light for your production

CDM® (Complete Drive Management) Maintenance Management is a service system for drive technology (gear units, gearmotors, motors and frequency inverters). Also for other manufacturers' drives. It provides you the best possible protection against costly failures and unscheduled downtime.

Tailored to your individual needs

CDM® Maintenence Management
CDM® Maintenence Management

The basis of our CDM® Maintenance Management is taking inventory of available drive technology (in the system or warehouse) and entering the results in our online database (Online Support). Centrally recording all data provides the best conditions for a targeted estimate and scheduling of periodically required maintenance. Required activities like maintenance and repair are displayed in the database.

Transparency of all drives and frequency inverters

The introduction of service

  • All drives are photographed and clearly labelled
  • Every drive component is issued with a unique CDM® number
  • The location of the drives is defined
  • Drives are documented
  • All data is entered in an online database (Online Support)
  • Drives are ready for ordering from our online database

Best references are satisfied customers

  • CDM® Maintenance Management is already in use in several sawmills
  • Thousands of recorded drives
  • Our customers have reduced standstills and increased the operational availability of their systems with CDM®
  • Easy ordering of drives with CDM® number
  • We'll be glad to tell you more about our CDM® references
For all manufacturers drives
For all manufacturers drives

Recording of drives

Each drive component, whether gear motor or electronic component, is clearly labelled and issued with a unique CDM® number.

Our specialists on-site
Our specialists on-site

Inventory of drive technology

Our maintenance specialists are taking inventory of all available drive technology (in the system or warehouse). The results are entered in an online database.

Drive related documentation
Drive related documentation

CDM® number

Behind this number you will find data ranging from the technical data right through the most recent condition status, all in centrally managed CDM® database.

Your benefits

  • Reduced maintenance and operating costs

    through an optimized inventory comparison, integrated inventory control and reliable spare part availability.
  • Optimized production

    by using CDM® funtionalities such as maintenance scheduling and showing history.
  • Minimum time requirement

    thanks to the convenient CDM® database for entering, updating, searching and evaluating data.
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CDM® Maintenance Management

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CDM® Maintenance Management

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