Control technology

Automation without the headaches? Absolutely! If you take motion control and automation control from the same source. Our control technology combines high-performance hardware, easily programmable software and user-friendly visualization solutions. Would you rather not have to do any programming? Not a problem. MOVI-C® comes with ready-made software modules for simple and complex control functions. All you have to do is set the parameters. Time-consuming programming is a thing of the past.

Control technology made by SEW-EURODRIVE

The control technology is based on a common platform for control cabinet and decentralized controllers with the same functionalities and identical interface diversity.

Whether they are used for motion control, automation control or cyber-physical control tasks, MOVI-C® CONTROLLER units can be linked to the higher-level controller of a machine cell or system using classic fieldbus slave interfaces for the PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherNet/IPTM or Modbus TCP fieldbus systems.

Alternatively, they can be used as independent controllers for machines or systems, in which case they take care of smooth communication via EtherCAT®/SBusPLUS with the subordinate devices – e.g. MOVIDRIVE® application inverters – and their synchronous connection to the movement/application.

The performance class of a MOVI-C® CONTROLLER depends on the number of inverters and the number of synchronous axes and auxiliary axes required and to be configured for the movement. Four performance classes for up to 32/32, 16/16, 8/8 or 2/6 axes are available. All versions have a compact design, meaning they can fit into even small machine control cabinets.

The decisive added value for reducing complexity is provided by the integrated software of the central and decentralized controllers: parameterizing instead of programming. For you as a user, this software means more scope for parameterization and less programming effort.

Our control technology and software also give you the option of writing your own programs. Would you prefer to create your own bespoke programs for your application, such as PLC functions or specific rules, so you can stand out from your competitors? If so, then our software platform has exactly what you need.

SEW-EURODRIVE is continuously expanding the control technology in the MOVI-C® modular automation system with new hardware. The new components, perfectly matched to the existing MOVI-C® family, offer new, exciting options for implementing simple to complex systems.

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Ready to-go

MOVI-C® means motion control without headaches. The MOVI-C® controllers with software modules MOVIKIT® ensure the movement of the various handling units or production machines. For engineering and startup of your application, the MOVI-C® modular automation system also offers the right software solution with MOVISUITE®. Always with the aim of reducing your time and programming efforts.

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CONTROLLERs from the MOVI‑C® modular automation system

The CONTROLLERs from the MOVI-C® modular automation system can solve a range of tasks with ease. A variety of options are available for integrating them into the system topology, depending on requirements or application.

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Typical application: Multiple column hoists, tripod mechanics, robots, including auxiliary axes.

The MOVIDRIVE® modular and MOVIDRIVE® system application inverters, and decentralized peripherals such as the MOVIGEAR® performance mechatronic drive system and MOVIMOT® flexible have a real-time-capable connection with the MOVI-C® CONTROLLER via EtherCAT®/SBusPLUS.

The MOVI-C® CONTROLLER receives setpoints for single-axis motions or coordinated movements from the higher-level master via the fieldbus. It determines the setpoints for the connected application inverters and thus performs tasks such as phase-synchronous operation, the electronic cam function and kinematics.

Predefined MOVIKIT® software modules are used to implement the motion control drive function quickly and reliably with the aid of graphical editors. Thanks to more than 50 kinematic models, a large number of mechanical configurations are already covered. New functions for kinematic models can be custom-made by SEW‑EURODRIVE. Data is stored via a data exchange function on a memory card in the MOVI-C® CONTROLLER.

Typical application: Packaging machines, processing machines, complex transportation tasks (module automation)

All drive functions of the motion control topology are available in the module automation topology. In addition to the graphical editors for the drive functions, some or all automation tasks of the higher-level master controller can be performed easily and flexibly using the programming system (IEC 61131-3) in the MOVI-C® CONTROLLER. To support automation, any EtherCAT®devices can be integrated centrally or locally in addition to the application inverters and drives from the MOVI-C® modular automation system.

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