Powertrain process: drive solutions in automotive engineering

  • Powertrain production in the automotive industry


    The beating heart of any car.

The quality of this production phase determines how well and how reliably a car will perform on the road. Our drive solutions ensure the optimum interlinking of all processes and ensure safe operation.

Your benefits

  • Seamless automation

    Thanks to intelligent, comprehensive, and compact drive technology that allows you to reliably and optimally operate and coordinate your systems.
  • Consistently high quality

    Strongly supported by precise drive solutions that you can depend on to meet your demanding requirements every step of the way.
  • Fail-safe processes

    Thanks to our high-quality, reliable drive technology and automation solutions, and our experts' application-specific know-how.

Our solutions for high-quality powertrain processes

Stationary and vertical materials handling technology

Chain conveyors, roller conveyors, lifts, and gantries

Sometimes you may need to move heavy components with high drive torques using chain conveyors. Sometimes you may need roller conveyors and lifts to handle lighter materials. And other times, you might need to use gantries for complex movements and drive functions. No matter your requirements, we have the perfect drive technology solution for you.

Our offer for your specific application needs

Standard gearmotors

Our modular concept offers you a comprehensive range of standard gearmotors that can be customized for any application or requirement.

Synchronous and asynchronous servomotors

Optimum dynamics, compact design, low mass moment of inertia, and overload capacity are the most important features of our servomotors. This allows you to carry out sophisticated motion sequences conveniently and efficiently.

MOVIDRIVE® B application inverter

Our MOVIDRIVE®  B control cabinet inverter is the optimum solution for sophisticated technical applications involving synchronized motion sequences.

MOVIFIT® FC decentralized standard inverter

Depending on the software function level, the MOVIFIT® FC decentralized standard inverter can be used for both easy and challenging tasks in system control.

MOVIPRO® SDC decentralized standard inverter

The MOVIPRO® SDC standard inverter, which can be installed near-field, uses standardized 1-axis application modules, thus ensuring the smooth control of drive and positioning tasks.

MOVIPRO® ADC decentralized application inverter

User-programmable as per IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen – Our MOVIPRO® ADC decentralized application inverter can implement system-specific, complex functions.

Safety modules and integrated functional safety

We have created comprehensive products and integrated solutions to help people and machines work more closely with each other. This way, you can avoid occupational accidents and your systems will run without disruption.

MAXOLUTION® package application solution for conveyor lines

Predefined solution variants for conveyor lines make it easier for you to choose the right components for an optimum solution. This includes a functional guarantee and optimized order and delivery processes.

MAXOLUTION® package application solution for vertical conveyors

The predefined solution variants available in our vertical conveyor application package make it easy for you to put together compatible components. Optimized order and delivery processes and a functional guarantee are included as part of the package.

Mobile materials handling technology

Electrified monorail systems for light and heavy loads

Our intelligent and modular drive components form the basis for considerably simplified solutions. With integrated coupling, these solutions have been specifically customized for this type of mobile materials handling technology. Benefit from easy startup and operation of your electrified monorail system, while also enjoying reduced operating costs and increased safety.

Our offer for your specific application needs

Electrified monorail drives for light loads

Our compact electrified monorail drives are specially designed for light-load applications and comply with the C1 Directive standards (VDI RL-3643). They are vibration-free and emit minimum noise levels.

Electrified monorail drives for heavy loads

Thanks to helical-bevel gear units, you can achieve high efficiencies and reduced energy consumption, even when moving heavy loads.

MAXOLUTION® system solution for electrified monorail systems (EMS)

Our intelligent and modular EMS system solutions keep pace with the growing requirement to be cost-effective. Extensive and costly technical equipment is a thing of the past.

Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS)

Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS) connect multiple production stations in a convenient and efficient way. AGVSs are particularly well suited to bridging lengthy travel distances easily and efficiently. They provide more flexibility, prevent obstruction of floor space, and thus offer a high degree of efficiency.

Track-guided inductive AGVSs for heavy loads

Our inductive track-guided AGVSs offer a wide variety of features. These range from contactless energy transfer and communication via MOVITRANS® to parameterizable MOVIVISION® plant software.

Building technology

Drives for aerators

To use the integrated aerators in building technology as efficiently as possible, you'll need perfectly dimensioned and customized drive technology. Take advantage of our wide range of modular motors.

Our offer for your specific application needs

Asynchronous AC motors in the DR.. series

The AC motors of the DR.. series comply with all international efficiency standards and already meet the new requirements of the IEC motor standard. So we can offer you high energy-saving potential and long-term security by complying with the standards of tomorrow today.

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