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  • effiDRIVE® products

    effiDRIVE® products

    Every single component can help to optimize your energy balance.

  • effiDRIVE® energy consulting

    effiDRIVE® energy consulting

    Our specialists can unlock your savings potential and draw up optimized concepts.

  • effiDRIVE® energy saving solutions

    effiDRIVE® energy saving solutions

    Individual energy saving solutions for both existing systems and new systems that are unde

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    effiDRIVE® tools

    Little helpers to accelerate your success and bring you closer to optimum energy efficienc

Reduce your energy costs with effiDRIVE® energy saving solutions

In non-optimized systems, energy costs can account for up to 90% of the total life cycle costs. It’s time to change this! We can help you unlock your energy saving potential and reduce both your energy costs and your CO2emissions. Our energy-saving concept ensures a comprehensive review and consistent implementation of all the energy-saving factors that come into question.

We can support you in the following ways:

  • Helping you to select energy-efficient components from the modular energy-saving system
  • Individual energy consulting provided by effiDRIVE® specialists
  • Helping you to identify the most energy-efficient solution for your application

Your benefits

  • Reduce your energy costs

    with tried and tested, energy-optimized components from our modular energy-saving system.
  • Achieve quantifiable success

    using optimized solutions for your machines and systems – whether new investments or retrofitting.
  • Benefit from our qualified knowledge

    Our energy specialists will identify and assess your savings potential, then draw up optimization concepts for your systems.

Consistency is the key to success

Modular energy-saving system

Even a single efficiency-optimized drive component saves energy

The modular energy-saving system therefore only includes motors, inverters and mechatronic drives with optimized energy efficiency. Combine these components and save up to 70% in energy.




Energy consulting

Team players for improved energy efficiency

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Bring our experienced energy savings specialists to your drawing board. They will make sure that you find the right solution for your system and factor all the relevant energy-saving factors into your calculations.

The most energy-efficient solution depends not only on the components used; the comprehensive analysis and consulting services are also crucial.

Energy-efficient solutions

Only the best solution will do!

Set the course for an energy-optimized future with effiDRIVE® energy saving solutions. Take advantage of the savings potential offered by energy-efficient drive components for new investments, or by retrofitting your existing machines and systems. A precise analysis and individual consulting will help you to identify potential and implement the measures required in order to reduce power loss, optimize power demand and utilize the energy you have freed up.

effiDRIVE® in practice. Successfully implemented energy saving solutions

Bottle conveyor – beverage industry

Compact mechatronic drive systems that combine motor, gear unit and electronics increase overall efficiency by between 10% and 25% when compared to standard solutions.

Luggage handling – airport logistics

The combination of gear units with optimized efficiency and highly efficient driving motors allows for a total energy savings potential of up to 30%.

Supply air for buildings – ventilation systems

The combination of energy-efficient motors and frequency inverters makes it possible to adapt work processes to make them more energy efficient, and can lead to potential energy savings of up to 70% for ventilation systems.

Stacker crane – internal logistics

The tried and tested “Intelligent DC link coupling for stacker cranes” package solution reduces energy consumption by up to 50% at maximum unit power.

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effiDRIVE® energy saving solutions
Saving energy with SEW-EURODRIVE

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effiDRIVE® energy saving solutions

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