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David vs. GOALIAS – the duel


The Institute for Automation and Software Technology (IAS) of the University of Stuttgart set itself the target of inspiring more young people to study engineering sciences. As football is more suitable than practically any other topic to get people interested, the IAS implemented two projects straightaway:

One project is the mechatronic goalkeeper robot named “GOALIAS,” which is the acronym for “goal” and “IAS.” The interaction of image processing, control and drive technology enables GOALIAS to detect a shot within less than half a second. The goalkeeper robot quickly calculates the position in the goal where the ball will hit and moves to that position to block the ball.

The second project is the ball-shooting machine “David” that attempts to outwit the top goalie. Shaped like an oversized soccer shoe, the automatic penalty-taker propels balls at high speeds and with high goal-scoring percentage toward the goal.

Both machines are equipped with drive technology from SEW-EURODRIVE: MOVIAXIS® servo controllers and CMP servomotors, DR.. asynchronous motors and CMS linear cylinders.

You want to know more about the goal-scoring percentage? See for yourself on our YouTube channel.